• Quickly detect RJ45 network cable, RJ11/RJ12 communication cable, and BNC line
  • Easy to operate and detect by individuals. It can automatically scan the network route to detect correctness, short circuit, open circuit, core sequence, etc.
  • With complete scan function
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The power supply adopts 9V battery, and testing distance is up too 300 meters.
  • Safe and reliable CE certified
  • 125(H)x65(W)x34(D)mm

  • Distance test: 300 meters
  • Function test: Normal/complete scan
  • Applicable cable: Test RJ45 TIA568/AB (AT&T)258A, 10 Base-T, Token ring, RJ11/RJ12 USOC and Coaxial BNC cable
  • RJ11/12、telephone line、BNC line
  • Size : 125(H)x65(W)x34(D)mm
  • Power suppl : 9V battery
  • Fittings : RJ45 turn BNC Female connector
  • Packing : Color box