• Portable feature, wireless operation, and no grounding wire, which improve work efficiency
  • Suitable for high humidity environments
  • As long as the body loop is checked regularly, it can be safely used. There is no grounding wire so is no need to be worried.
  • Great economic benefit. The life of the main body can reach at least 2 years in normal condition, and it is more affordable than the wired type. The wired type is required to replace the wristband or the grounding wire around 3-6 months.
  • Width of wrist strap: 19mm

  • Resistivity range of wrist strap:103~105 Ω
  • Principle of discharge:Corona Discharge
  • Specifications of wrist strap : Adjustable
  • Width of wrist strap:19mm
  • Spare strap:1 Pcs