• Industrial power, PTC heating, quick release, fast heating, stable and durable
  • High quality pure copper nozzle, fast heat conduction, glue output smoothly and evenly to avoid clogging
  • Technology of fluororubber material, anti-flowing and leak-free
  • Body PA66 material heat-resistant and shockproof
  • The trigger is adopted with POM engineering plastics and labor-saving structure design, which is tough, evenly forced, and controllable.
  • Stainless steel anti-dumping stan, convenient and handy
  • Power switch and status indicator, easily identifying work status with more safety
  • Anti-burn fuse, anti-leakage, safer to use
  • Product model:HG-9605
  • Power:100W
  • Voltage input:100~220V
  • Melt temperature:210℃
  • Warm-up time : 3-5 minutes
  • Size of block glue:10.8~11.5mm
  • Amount of glue output15~20g/min
  • Packing : Blister card